Presave to Spotify Approaches, Concepts and Recources

Here are some important Presave to Spotify campaign concepts and resources that are designed to help you better understand how Spotify Presave campaign really work and what your options are. Pre-save to Spotify campaigns are the latest category of Spotify activations and they have become popular in the last few months. In fact, most major releases by music labels of both albums and singles now have some sort of pre-save campaign associated with them (See examples).

Pre-save campaigns are the streaming equivalent of “Pre-order” campaigns. The idea is to engage fans early and to encourage them to automatically save an album, EP or single so that it is automatically added to their Spotify library (and optionally a Spotify playlist) the day it becomes available.

The Presave Platform from Metablocks

We have built a Pre-save to Spotify platform (that also supports other streaming services) that provide a very flexible solution for music labels and artists who wish to quickly deploy presave campaigns for both music albums, EPs and singles.  To date, the platform has powered over a hundred pre-save campaigns. As the number of successful pre-save campaigns we deploy continues to grow, the number of pre-save options and approaches also continues to grow. You can find a summary of some of these pre-save options and approaches in our Pre-Save Glossary of Terms, but because when it comes to Spotify Pre-save applicaitons there are two primary events:  User Connection and Album Release.

Step 1: User Connection

The initial first step is when a user connects with your Presave to Spotify application. When this happens there are a number of standard and optional actions that take place, plus you as the client needs to decide what the primary pre-save playlist action is.

  • Standard Pre-Save Actions:
    • Users follow the artist on Spotify and optionally they also follow the label
    • Users agree to receive email updates from the artist
  • Primary Pre-Save Playlist Action:
    • Option #1: User selects or creates a Spotify playlist into which the presave album is saved when it is released. Any instant grat tracks that are or become available before the release are saved into this playlist.
    • Option #2: A default Spotify playlist is automatically created for the user. Any instant grat tracks that are or become available before the release are saved into this playlist.
    • Option #3: User follows an artist’s playlist and this Spotify playlist is used to deliver the pre-save album (or single)

Step 2: Day of Release

On the day of release a number of standard and optional actions also take place, some based on your previously selected primary pre-save playlist action .

  • Standard Pre-Save Actions:
    • Album, EP or single gets added to your Spotify library (under albums)
    • The individual Spotify tracks in the album, EP or single get added to your Spotify library (under songs)
  • Primary Pre-Save Playlist Action:
    • Option #1 or 2: The album, EP or single gets added to you previously selected or created Spotify playlist.
    • Option #3: Album, EP or single is added to the artist’s playlist so it is accessible by users.
  • Optional Email Action:
    • Optionally an email notification goes out from the music label or Metablocks letting the user know that the album, EP or single is now available on Spotify.

Here are additional resources about our Presave Platform, plus examples and more advanced topics.