Presave Interface Offers New Features for Clients

Presave Manage Interface enable clients to manage all their projects created on our Presave and Sweepstakes Platforms. Our clients receive an unique url where they can see different aspects related to the presaves and sweepstakes they have on the platforms.

Actions Icons explained

The first icon takes the client to the presave’s/sweepstake’s web page.

The second icon opens a window, where the client can see further details about the campaign, such as the what artist/playlist/track is followed when connecting, save/presave option used when creating the campaign, name of the playlist (if playlist is created), etc.

We use tracking for all our campaigns and we provide detailed stats so that clients can evaluate the campaigns’ performance. This icon opens a dashboard with information on page views, unique visits and saves/presaves.

This icon is used for downloading the standard version of email export. The standard version includes users’ name (if provided in the Spotify account), email and DOB.

Understanding your target audience is essential in creating engaging campaigns, so we have a number of other export options for our clients. This icon opens up a dialog where users can see specific info to help them tailor their next campaigns.
We can also pair the save/presave campaigns with phone and email collecting campaigns.

This last icon is a lock/unlock button that clients can use to keep the campaign private until it goes live. This offers extra protection for campaigns that use assets that are not yet launched. Also, it gives clients the freedom to launch their campaign at anytime.