Artist and Label Playlist Best Practices: Part I

One of the areas we advise labels and artists in is the area of playlist development.  This is part of a series of posts aimed at exploring best practices in building out an artist (and labels) playlisting strategy, when it comes to internal, artist or label owned playlist. To be successful in the long run, it is important for every artist to create, grow and develop at least 3-4 playlists (see examples below).  The idea is to use these playlist strategically (and in conjunction with presave and other promotional campaigns) and grow them over time with the hope of leveraging them effectively in the future. For more information on how and why to do this you can read Part II in the series.

“Best Of” Playlist
This type of playlist is well suited for artist with a long career of hits and aims to feature some of their best songs.

“Complete Collection” or Discography Playlist
This type of playlist is used to deliver new music from the artist by maintaining a list of all of their music (discography) usually in reverse chronological order. One of our presave options involves, for example, using this type of playlist to as the new music delivery mechanism.

“New Album” or “New Music” Playlist
Similar to the “New Music” playlist, the album playlist is album specific. If you are going to use this type of playlist,  you may want to use the same playlist (delete content, change name, add new contents) repeatedly with new album releases in order to retain and grow followers.  Hybrid approaches involve combining this with a chronology (“New Music” approach) or greatest hits (“Best Of” approach)

“Favorites” Playlist
The favorites playlist is simply a list of an artist’s “favorite” songs.  Songs they like, listen to or have inspired them. It is a great opportunity for artist to “share the love” and promote other artist they like or listen to.

“Seasonal” Playlist
These playlist celebrate a season such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, i.e.

“Touring” Playlist
These playlists are used to help promote an upcoming tour and essentially mirror the tour setlist.

“Campaign” Playlist
These playlists are specific to ongoing campaign or promotions.

“Songwriter” Playlist
If you artist is also a songwriter, use this type of playlist to promote their songwriting.

“Themed” Playlist
These playlist address specific themes or interests promoted by the artist. Many times they are created as part of a campaign and they are usually “recyclable” (consider reusing campaign and themed playlist interchangeably)

“Remix” Playlist
If you are an EDM artist with a large number of remixes on a single or album, you can create a playlist to store them in.