How To Write A Cleaning Contract Agreement

When swept`s founders ran their own cleaning business (before switching to concierge software), they told customers that if you`re a freelance maid or a janitor, you can use a cleaning contract to manage your customers and keep your self-working documents. Offering a properly drafted legal document assures your potential client of your professional credentials and ensures that you are legally protected in the event of a payment dispute. It largely depends on the size of the cleaning service you use and the order of magnitude in which they work. Small businesses probably have the bare necessities, but may be able to afford large cleaning equipment and therefore need companies and businesses to provide that equipment. The best place to describe your “why” is in the letter of introduction at the beginning of your proposal. You`ll find a great introductory letter example in this free cleaning service template created by Proposify. It`s not so much about selling as it is about making sure your first interactions are positive in your new relationship as a client-contractor – that you start on the right foot. For this reason, any good cleaning service proposal is constantly sprinkled with social proof. Social Proof is if you use people`s opinions or actions to influence behavior, for example.B.

Ratings, case studies, ratings, recommendations, and the number of customers or products sold (think McDonald`s – “Over 99 billion served”). They offered to pay the bill for the last month of their client`s services if they wanted to find a new cleaning company.