Michigan Transfer Agreement Schools

Students who attended school before fall 2014 can conclude the existing MACRAO agreement by the end of summer 2019. Additional courses in each of the above categories to complete the minimum of 30 credits. A minimum score of 2.0 is required for each course. Students may use courses that have been assigned by more than one college to complete the MTAs, including courses that have been completed at the EMU and returned to the Community College. You can find a list of approved courses for the end of the MTA on their community college website. Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was designed to help you transition from your Community College to a four-year college or University of Michigan. In the fall of 2014, the MTA replaced the previous MACRAO transfer agreement. Students who follow the MACRAO transfer agreement are encouraged to cooperate with their advisors in order to ensure a timely conclusion. Michigan Transfer Network: The Michigan Transfer Network allows students to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities. If you want to see how your courses are transferred to another university or university, go to www.mitransfer.org. Information on the transmission without approval of the MTA can be found in the EMU General Education Requirements and in the General Directives on Educational Transfers.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement is the result of the collaboration of all registrars at all michigan community colleges and public universities to facilitate the transfer of education requirements from one institution to another. As you can see, an articulation agreement is a more detailed transfer guide. For more information on articulation agreements, please contact your academic advisor or academic advisor. With more than 140 transfer agreements with community colleges — more than any other university in the state of Michigan — Eastern Michigan University has long been considered the most transfer-friendly school for Community College students.