Ssa Data Exchange Agreements

As part of the SSA`s mission to streamline data exchange activities for public authorities, the Data Exchange Coordinators (DSDs) should be contacted when launching new requests for state data exchange (DX) as well as applicable questions regarding existing DX agreements. The DDCs mentioned below can be contacted by e-mail or telephone. If a public authority is not able to directly receive approved and signed SSA data from the IEA, the public authority uses a State Transmission/Transfer Component (STC) that allows it to obtain the requested data. The use of an STC requires an STC agreement that documents the data flow and describes the conditions, conditions and guarantees of transferring SSA data to another authority(ies). The Office of Data Exchange and International Agreements (ODXIA) under the Office of Data Exchange, Policy Publications, and International Negotiations (ODEPPIN) is the central office that governs the electronic data exchange process by providing coordination, oversight, strategic decision-making, and policies and procedures. Notice to partners for the electronic exchange of information who provide a list of contractors – 0960-NEU. The Federal Standards Privacy Act of 1974; e-Government Act 2002; and the National Institute of Standard Special Publications 800-53-4 require the SSA to maintain control over the information it provides to partners for the electronic exchange of information (EEP). IEEs receive SSA data for the management of publicly funded and publicly managed programs. SSA is responsible for the oversight and protection of personal data that SSA shares with other federal and state authorities and private organizations through the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act and the Information Exchange Agreements (AIE). In accordance with the conditions set out in the governmental component of the IEA and the IEA Agency, EIAs undertake to comply with the security requirements and procedures applicable to the electronic exchange of information for public and local authorities exchanging electronic information with the SSA. SSA`s Technical Systems Security Requirements document enables all authorities that use SSA data to ensure that SSA information is not processed. well maintained; transmitted; or stored in electronic devices; computer; or computer networks located in geographic or virtual areas that are not subject to the United States.

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