Welcome to the Pre-Save Platform Blog!

So what is Pre-save to Spotify anyways? Pre-save to Spotify is functionality that allows your fans to connect on Spotify and have an upcoming album, EP or single automatically added to their Spotify library and a playlist of their choosing on the day it is released.

How do Pre-Save for Spotify campaigns work?

Pre-save campaigns allow fans to add an album, EP or single to their Spotify library when it becomes available on Spotify. Think of it as ‘Pre-order for Streaming’.  This allows music labels and artist to start promoting an album and acquire future potential listens sooner as opposed to later.  Additionally, our platform also allows you to incentivize fans who pre-save by allowing them to participate in a sweepstakes, contests or prize drawings.  You can also choose to reward fans with exclusive content, discounts on tickets or merch, and even music downloads.

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